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    Shell Logo

    The Shell Learning Centre provides courses for Shell employees all over the world. Shell uses for the learning activities the blended learning model based on work-based learning assignments and supported by an electronic learning environment.

    Elka Remmers Consulting helps by the (re-)design of the courses to make them suitable for blended learning. This comprehends creating the new set-up of the course (How will the course start? Which part of the course will be put online? How will the online part be implemented? In what way will work-based learning activities be applied?), (re-)designing the learning material, quizzes, asignments, Web Based Trainings (WBTs), tutorials, videos and filling the virtual learning environment (VLE), etc.

    Example of a WBT (in Dutch): Shell Nieuwe Diesel

    Oce Logo

    The Oce International Training Centre (ITC) (situated in Venlo) provides courses for service-technicians, sales people and customer trainers all over the world. The knowledge part of the courses are offered via e-learning courses, after which the skills part of the courses take place during face-to-face classroom sessions.

    Elka Remmers Consulting, together with a project group of the centre, has developed an e-learning training for the instructors that develop the e-learning courses. The e-learning training was based on a customized didactical model for the centre. Subjects that were discussed and practiced during the training were: differences between e-learning and face-to-face learning, didactical models such as question-based learning, task-based learning, case-based learning, problem-based learning, the learning styles of Kolb, and multimedia principles.

    Dactique Logo

    Dactique (previously called: Teletop, now called: Itslearning) started, in cooperation with the University of Twente, the TeleTOP VO project in which a special secondary school version of the electronic learning environment TeleTOP was developed (for secondary schools in the Netherlands). Together with three colleagues of NetOO, Elka Remmers Consulting provided the educational support to approximately 17 secondary schools in the whole country.

    We provided workshops to groups of secondary school teachers, supported ICT-coordinators, reported the proposed changes for the TeleTOP environment back to Dactique, organised various activities for participating schools and helped them via an electronic helpdesk.

    CTT Logo

    The Philips Centre for Technical Training (CTT) was a department of the Philips Research Laboratories (Nat.Lab.) in Eindhoven and provided training and courses for Philips employees with regard to technical subjects and working methods. The CTT wanted to give more participants at distant locations access to its training courses with the help of e-learning.

    Elka Remmers Consulting advised about new didactical activities in e-learning situations and helped by the (re-)design of the courses and the setup of the electronic learning environments.

    SVGB Logo

    The Foundation of Vocational Training for Healthcare Technology Vocations (SVGB) is the knowledge- and trainingcentre for specialistic occupations. The SVGB wanted to provide the students with more flexible education (with regard to time and place) by reducing the face-to-face contact moments. This way the distance to the centre was not so much a problem anymore and the study load could be better distributed over the working week. Secondly they wanted to make their education more attractive to the students.

    Elka Remmers Consulting has developed a job aid for the implementation of e-learning on a didactical level and advised teachers with regard to the use of activities in e-learning situations.

    Siennax Logo

    Siennax Learning Services (previously called: Acadoo) can deploy instruments as e-learning, corporate universities and competence management so that they contribute to the goals of the organisation. Siennax uses the learning management system Saba which opens up the whole educational system of the organisation via webtechnology.

    Elka Remmers Consulting has translated the interface of a new version of the Saba Learning Management System from English to Dutch.

    Utwente Logo

    The Centre for Educational Support (CES) of the University of Twente, supports all employees that are involved in (UT-)education with advice, services and courses. The centre also supports the faculties of the university with the use of their electronic learning environment.

    Elka Remmers Consulting has carried out the following activities for the centre:

    • Adapting of the Dutch and English interface (textual) of the electronic learning environment TeleTOP;
    • Translation of the student- and instructors' manual of TeleTOP from Dutch to English;
    • Testing the functional design of the electronic learning environment TeleTOP.