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Acid Jazz & close to.. List
This is a list of Acid Jazz (and close to) artists (about 300) and their albums (about 375) from around the world. I haven't included any 'best of' or compilations albums, otherwise the list is getting too long. If you don't see your favorite Acid Jazz artist or album or if you see something incorrect, please mail this to Include in your message the homepage of the band/artist, name of the band/artist, albums (if any), kind of music (other than acid jazz) and the country (see the columns in the list).

Have fun! Greetings, Elka Remmers

Symbols: new = recently added, * = my favorite

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Artist Album Kind
Adriana Evans - Nomadic Adriana Evans - El Camino Afro Elements - It Remains To Be Seen Akimbo - On Top Alain Clark - Live It Out Alain Clark - Alain Clark Alex Reece - So Far Alphabet Soup - Layin' Low in the Cut Ambersunshower - Walter T. Smith Anomalous Quintet - Simple Forms Arto Lindsay - Mundo Civilizado Attica Blues - Attica Blues Attica Blues - Test. Don't Test
Adriana Evans Nomadic (2009) new
El Camino (2007)
Adriana Evans (1997)
R&B & Soul USA
Afro Elements It Remains To Be SeenIt Remains To Be Seen (2007) Funk UK
Akimbo On TopOn Top (2000) Funk USA
Alain Clark new Color Blind (2010) new
Live It OutLive It Out (2007)
Alain ClarkAlain Clark (2004)
Soul The Netherlands
Alex Reece So Far (1996) Drum 'n' Bass
All Stars Hip Hop USA
Alphabet Soup Layin' Low in the Cut (1995) Hip Hop USA
Ambersunshower Walter T. Smith (1996) Groove USA
Anomalous Quintet Simple FormsSimple Forms (2008) new
Life on an Oblate SpheroidLife on an Oblate Spheroid (2005)
QuintessenceQuintessence (1999)
Funk USA
A.P.E. Apes On Grapes (2009) new
Cities (1994)
Hip Hop USA
Arto Lindsay Mundo CivilizadoMundo Civilizado (1996) Latin & Ambient Brazil
AstroGroove AstrogrooveAstrogroove new Trip Hop & Jungle USA
Attica Blues Test. Don't TestTest. Don't Test (2000)
Attica BluesAttica Blues (1997)
Trip Hop UK
Beigels Daisy Toasts - Eat That Beigel Belizbeha - Charlie's Dream Blackalicious - The Craft Black/Note - Nothin' But the Swing Blacknuss - Made In Sweden Bomb The Bass - Back to Light Bobbi Humphrey - Fancy Dancer Boris - Holy Pleasure Brand New Heavies - Get Used To It Brecker Brothers - Return of the Brecker Brothers Bridgette McWilliams - Take Advantage of Me Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Watcha Playing Buckshot LeFonque - Music Evolution
Bad Jazz Brothers
BankerDave Deposits of Love and WithdrawalDeposits of Love and Withdrawal (2002) * Trumpet USA
Beans & Fatback new Beans & Fatback (2010)
Funk Netherlands
Beigels Daisy Toasts Eat That BeigelEat That Beigel (1996)
OmnibusOmnibus (1994)
Jazz France
Belizbeha Void Where InhibitedVoid Where Inhibited (1998)
Charlie's DreamCharlie's Dream (1995)
Hip Hop USA
Ben Hughes PremonitionPremonition (1997) Guitar UK
Blackalicious The CraftThe Craft (2007) new
Blazing ArrowBlazing Arrow (2002)
NiaNia (2000)
A2gA2g (1999)
MelodicaMelodica (1997)
Hip Hop USA
Black/Note Nothin' But the SwingNothin' But the Swing (1996)
L.A. UndergroundL.A. Underground (1994)
Jungle MusicJungle Music (1994)
Blacknuss new GoldGold (2004)
Blacknuss 33 (2000)
Made in SwedenMade in Sweden (1995)
Soul & Hip Hop Sweden
Blakrayn ONE (1999)
Panglosian (1998)
Raynmaker (1995)
Funk USA
Bob Color The Jojo Principle (1998)
Boiling Up The Buzz! (1995)
Xtra Fresh! (1993)
Tonight (1992)
Splash Boom Bang (1990)
Sweat (1989)
Funk & Blues The Netherlands
Bobbi Humphrey new Fancy Dancer (2008)
FreestyleFreestyle (2008) Satin DollSatin Doll (2002)
Blacks and BluesBlacks and Blues (1999)
Blue Break BeatsBlue Break Beats (1998)
Soul & Flute USA
Bomb The Bass Back to LightBack to Light (2010)
Into the Dragon...PlusInto the Dragon...Plus (2010)
Future ChaosFuture Chaos (2008) new
ClearClear (1995)
Unknown TerritoryUnknown Territory (1991)
Into the DragonInto the Dragon (1988)
Bass & Electronica UK
Boogadelic Boogadelic Maxi-CD R&B & Funk Switzerland
Boogie Shoes Bust It Bust It Bust ItBust It Bust It Bust It (1997)
Passing Back and Forward (1995)
Hip Hop UK
Boris Live My Life (2009) new
Holy PleasureHoly Pleasure (2006)
Rely on MeRely On Me (2004)
Funk The Netherlands
Brand New Heavies Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 2 (2010) new
Get Used to ItGet Used to It (2006)
All About the FunkAllaboutthefunk (2004)
ShelterShelter (1997) *
Brother SisterBrother Sister (1994) *
Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1 (1992)
The Brand New HeaviesBrand New Heavies (1990)
Funk UK
Brecker Brothers Heavy Metal Be-BopHeavy Metal Be-Bop (2008)
Out of the LoopOut of the Loop (1994)
Return of the Brecker BrothersReturn of the Brecker Brothers (1992)
Now You See It...Now You Don'tNow You See It... (Now You Don't) (1990)
Toe to ToeToe To Toe (1990)
Don't Try This at HomeDon't Try This at Home (1988)
Jazz USA
Bridgette McWilliams Starlite LoungeStarlite Lounge (2005)
Too Much WomanToo Much Woman (1999)
Take Advantage of Me (1994)
Funk & Soul USA
Brooklyn Funk Essentials Watcha PlayinWatcha Playin (2008) new
Make 'Em Like ItMake 'Em Like It (2000)
In the Buzz BagIn the Buzz Bag (1998)
Cool and Steady and EasyCool and Steady and Easy (1995)
Funk & Soul USA
Broun Fellinis DotabataDotabata (2009)
December (2008) new
Real MomentsReal Moments (1996)
Aphrokubist Improvisations, Vol. 9Aphrokubists Improvisations Vol. 9 (1995)
Jazz USA
Bryan Powell I.T.O.Y.I.T.O.Y. (1993)
Buckshot LeFonque Music EvolutionMusic Evolution (1997)
Buckshot LeFonqueBuckshot LeFonque (1995)
Breakfast at Denny'sBreakfast at Denny's (1994)
Hip Hop USA
Burhan Ocal new Groove Alla TurcaGroove Alla Turca (2001) World Turkey
Candy Dulfer Funked Up & Chilled Out (2009) new
Candy Store (2007)
Dulfer Dulfer (2002)
Right In My Soul (2003)
Girls Night Out (1999)
What Does It Take (1999)
For the Love of You (1997)
Big Girl (1995)
Sax-a-go-go (1993)
Saxuality (1990)
Funk & Saxophone The Netherlands
Carleen Anderson Soul Providence (2005)
Blessed Burden (1998)
True Spirit (1994)
Road to Freedom
Soul USA
Caro Emerald new Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor (2010) new Ballroom, Mambo, Groove The Netherlands
Charles Compo Psycho Jammy (2003)
Seventh Moon (2001)
Funk USA
Charlie Hunter Trio Natty Dread (1997)
Ready... Set... Shango!(1996)
Bing Bing Bing! (1995)
Charlie Hunter Trio (1993)
Cibo Matto Stereo Type A (1999)
Super Relax (1997)
Viva! La Woman (1996)
Cibo Matto (1995)
Funk & Trip Hop Japan
Comfort Zone Aurality (2006) Drum 'n' Bass & Jungle Germany
Congregation Good Old Time Flavor (1997) Blues USA
Coolbone Brass-hop (1997) Hip Hop USA
Corduroy Clik! (1999)
In Mini! (1998)
The New You! (1997)
Out of here (1994)
High havoc (1993) *
Dadmancat (1992)
Pop UK
Count Basic Love & Light (2007)
Bigger & Brighter (2002)
Trust Your Instincts (1999)
Movin' in the Right Direction (1996)
Life Think It Over (1994)
Funk Austria
Craig Mack Project: Funk da World (1994) Hip Hop USA
Curtis Mayfield There's No Place Like America Today (1975)
Superfly Soundtrack
Cymballistic It's A Jazz Thing
D'Angelo Brown Sugar (1995) Soul USA
Darius 50 Demo Tapes:
Sphere (1997,1998)
The Groove Transformations (1996)
Darius 50 (1995)
Groove and Hip Hop Sweden
Daysahead Turning Point (2005) Soul USA
Deep Banana Blackout Release the Grease (2002)
Feel The Peel (2001)
Rowdy Duty (2000)
Funk USA
Dee Dee Bridgewater Red Earth (2007) new
J'Ai Deux Amours (2005)
Duke Ellington Prelude to a Kiss (1996)
Love And Peace (1995)
Keeping Tradition (1993)
In Montreux (1993)
Afro Blue (1974)
African USA
Deep Freeze Productions Sleeper Hip Hop USA
Defunkt Journey (2004)
One World (1995)
Cum Funky (1993)
Defunkt (1993)
Crisis (1992)
Live at the Knitting Factory (1991)
Heroes (1990)
In America (1988)
Thermonuclear Sweat (1982)
Strangling me with your Love (1981)
Funk USA
Delta House of Funk State Tapes (1994)
Delta Nove Fire It Up (2008)
Holiday Party (2007)
The Future Is When
Deep In the Compound (2003)
Delta Nove (2002)
Funk USA
Depth Charge Lust 2 (2008)
Spill (2006)
Lust (2000)
Shape Generator (1999)
Nine Deadly Venoms (1995)
Experimental UK
D (irections) I(n) G(roove) Curvystrasse (1998)
Speakeasy (1995)
Dig Deeper (1993)
Groove, Drum 'n' Bass
and Jungle
Digable Planets Beyond the Spectrum (2005)
Blowout Comb (1994)
Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) (1993)
Hip Hop USA
D'Influence D-Vas (2002)
London (1997)
Prayer 4 Unity (1995)
Good 4 We (1992)
Soul UK
DJ Cam Lost and Found (2007) new
Revisited By (2006)
Fillet Of Soul Opus 2 (2005)
My Playlist (2005)
Liquid Hip Hop (2004)
Fillet Of Soul (2003)
Soulshine (2003)
Honeymoon (2001)
The French Connection (2000)
The Loa Project, Vol. 2 (2000)
The Beat Assassinated (1998)
DJ-Kicks (1997)
Substances (1996)
Mad Blunted Jazz (1996)
Underground Vibes (1994)
Hip Hop France
DJ Die Cross Collaborations (2005)
Through the Eyes (2001)
Drum 'n' Bass UK
DJ Greyboy Land of the Lost
DJ Krush MiLight (1997)
Meiso (1996)
Strictly Turntablized
Trip Hop
DJ Shadow Endtroducing (1996) Trip Hop USA
DJ Smash and Jazz not Jazz
DJ Takemura
D*note Laguna (2006)
Fuchsia Dog (2002)
Coming Down (1997)
D*Note (1997)
Criminal Justice (1995)
Babel (1993)
Drum 'n' Bass UK
Dodge City Album
Down To The Bone Spread Love Like Wildfire (2005)
Cellar Funk (2004)
Crazy Vibes & Things (2002)
Spread The Word (2000)
New Jazz City (2000)
The Urban Groves (1999)
From Manhattan to Staten (1997)
Funk & Soul UK
Dread Flimstone The Bionic Dread
From The Ghetto
Drizabone new Conspiracy (1994) Funk USA
D'WYS Turn Up The B! (2002)
Organtasy (1999)
O'beat (1996)
Funk & Soul The Netherlands
Eddie Palmieri Solito Latin
Edu Lobo Sergio Mendes Presents
Eli Paperboy Reed new Come And Get It (2010) new
Roll With You (2008)
Soul USA
El Malo
Emperors New Clothes Wisdom and Lies
Unsettled Life (1993)
Experimental UK
Ephraim Lewis Skin
Erykah Badu Live
Baduizm (1997)
Soul and R&B
Eveline & the Groove Movement Groove The Netherlands
Exodus Quartet
Esthero Breath From Another (1998) Trip Hop? Canada
Fatima Rainey Love is a Wonderful Thing (track)
Fat Mama Mamatus USA
Federation Flower To The Sun Funk
Fertile Ground Seasons Change (2002)
Perception (2001)
Spiritual War (1999)
Field Songs (1998)
Soul USA
Fez Combo Trip Hop Italy
Fishbelly Black Crusader (2001)
Movin (1996)
Fishbelly Black (1994)
Dance USA
Five Degrees Of Soul Esplendidos (1999)
Latin USA
Follow for Now Follow for Now
Fool Proof & the Foolhorns Groove, Soul & Funk The Netherlands
Freak Power More of Everything For Everybody (1996) *
Drive Thru Booty (1994)
Funk UK
Freebase Funk Scotland
Funkadelic Funk
Funkdacion Urban Casino Funk Spain
Funk Inc. Urban Renewal (1996)
Funk Inc. (1995)
Priced to Sell (1974)
Soul-Jazz USA
Funki Porcini Fast Asleep (2001)
Ultimately Empty Million Pounds (1999)
Love, Pussycats & Carwrecks (1996)
Hed Phone Sex (1995)
Future Freedom Ensemble Avant-Groove (1997) Groove
Galactic Coolin' Off (1996)
Is That Jazz? (1995)
Funk USA
Galliano Live At The Liquid Rooms (1997)
4 (1996)
The Plot Thickens (1994)
A Thicker Plot (1994)
A Joyful Noise unto the Creator (1992)
In Pursuit of the 13th Note (1991)
Hip Hop UK
Gazzara The Spirit Of Summer (2002)
Grand Central Boogie (1997)
One (1995)
Funk & Groove Italy
Geoffrey Williams Drop (1997)
Giovanni Hidalgo Latin
Giovanca new While I'm Awake (2010) new
Subway Silence (2008)
Soul The Netherlands
Grant Green Matador
Born to be blue
Feelin' the spirit
Idle moments
Green Street
Grand Mother's Funck Groove Switzerland
Goldie Saturnz Return (1998)
Timeless (1995)
The Greyboy Allstars West Coast Boogaloo
A Town Called Earth
Groove Armada Soundboy Rock (2007)
Lovebox (2002)
Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (2001)
Vertigo (1999)
Northern Star (1998)
Trip Hop UK
Groove Collective The Best of Groove Collective (2004)
New York, NY (2003)
It's All In Your Mind (2001)
Declassified (1999)
Dance Of The Drunken Master (1998)
We The People (1996)
The Groove Collective (1994)
Funk USA
Guru Jazzmatazz Volume 4 (2007) new
Jazzmatazz Volume 3 (2000)
Jazzmatazz Volume 2 (1995)
Jazzmatazz Volume I (1993)
Hip Hop USA
Hans Dulfer Scissors (2003)
Dulfer Dulfer (2002)
Skin Deep! (1998)
DIG! (1998)
Big boy (1994)
Rock & Saxophone The Netherlands
Heavy Manners Heavier Than Now Ska?
Heavy Shift Bootlegged (1995)
Unchain Your Mind (1994)
Heights of Abraham Sportif (ep)
Herbaliser Blow Your Headphones
Herbie Hancock Future 2 Future (2001)
Dis Is Da Drum (1995)
Future Shock (1983)
Head Hunters (1973)
Hips The Bigger The Better (1997)
Hips' First (1995)
Soul and Funk
and R&B
The Netherlands
Honky Soul Assoulted (1996) Funk The Netherlands
Hoover A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (1996)
Howie B Breathe in
Hyphen Discovery Psychadelic Funk The Netherlands
Incognito Tales From The Beach (2008) new
Bees + Things + Flowers (2006)
Eleven (2005)
Adventures In Black Sunshine (2004)
Who Needs Love (2002)
Life, Stranger Than Fiction (2001)
No Time Like The Future (1999)
Blue Moods (1997)
Last Night in Tokyo (1997)
Beneath The Surface (1996)
Remixed (1996)
100° and Rising (1995)
Positivity (1993)
Tribes, Vibes and Scribes (1992)
Inside Life (1991)
Jazz Funk (1981) *
Funk UK
Independent Colors Out of Tune
India Arie Acoustic Soul (2001) Soul & R&B USA
Indigenous Colors Three Form, Volume One Funk, Soul and Hip Hop USA
Jack McDuff Hot Barbeque
Another real good'un
Funk & Organ
James Brown The Very Best Of...
Black Caesar
James Taylor Quartet The Oscillator (2003)
Room at the Top (2002)
Message from the Godfather (2001)
Swinging London (2000)
A Bigger Picture (1999)
The Penthouse Suite (1999)
Whole Lotta Live (1998)
Living Underground (1996)
The BBC Sessions (1995)
In the Hands of the Inevitable (1995)
Extended Play (1994)
Supernatural Feeling (1993)
Absolute - J.T.Q. Live (1991)
Do Your Own Thing (1990)
Get Organized (1989)
The First 64 Minutes (1988)
Wait a Minute (1988)
The Money Spyder (1987)
Mission Impossible (1987)
Organ UK
Jamie Cullum The Pursuit (2009) new
The Mind of Jamie Cullum (2007)
Catching Tales (2005)
Twentysomething (2003)
Pointless Nostalgic (2002)
Piano UK
Jamiroquai Emergency on Planet Earth (2009) new
Dynamite (2005)
A Funk Odyssey (2001)
Synkronized (1999)
Traveling Without Moving (1996)
The Return of the Spacecowboy (1995)
Emergency on Planeth Earth (1993)
Funk UK
Jason Rebello Make it Real Piano
Jazzanova Of All the Things (2009) new
In Between (2008) new
Broad Casting from Off... (2008) new
Belle et Fou (2007) new
Brazilian Love Affair... (2007) new
Broad Casting (2006)
Mixing (2004)
Remixed (2003)
In Between (2002)
Circles (1998)
Trip Hop Germany
JazzConBazz Epilogue (1996)
Above & Below The Resting Point (1994)
Jazzhole Poet's Walk (2006)
Circle of the Sun (2002)
Blackburst (2000) *
The Beat Is the Bomb! (1996)
...and the Feeling Goes Round (1995)
The Jazzhole (1994)
Soul USA
Jazzinvaders new Blow! (2008)
Up & Out (2007)
Soul The Netherlands
Jazz not Jazz t.s.o.j. (ep) Hip Hop
Jazztronik Set Free (2003)
Jazztronik (2000)
numero uno
Nu Balance session 2
Nu Balance session 1
Jazz Warriors
Jestofunk The Remixes (1997?)
Love in a Black Dimension (1997?)
Love in a Black Dimension (1995)
Trip Hop
J-Funk Express This is Rare Groove (1996)
Back to My Roots
Jhelisa Language Electric (1997)
Galactica Rush
Experimental UK
Jibe 7-song demo Funk & Groove USA
Jimi Tenor Intervision (1997)
Fear of a Black Jesus
Jonah Smith IndustryRule USA
Jonny L
Juke Joint Choose to Groove Groove Canada
Justice System Uncharted Terrain (2002) Hip Hop USA
K'Alyn Coco Soul & Funk
Karl Denson Dance Lesson #2 (2001)
Baby Food (1995)
Chunky Pecan Pie (1994)
Herbal Turkey Breast (1993)
Blackened Red Snapper (1992)
KAS Ghetto Groove (2002)
Return To Rainbow Bridge
Groove & Hip Hop USA
The K-Creative Question Everything Done
KGB It's Funky Time! Funk & Hip Hop USA
Kirk Rahsaan Roland
Koop Waltz For Koop (2001)
Sons Of Koop (1997)
Trip Hop USA
Kooya Coup
Kruder and Dorfmeister High Noon
Kyoto Jazz Massive Kyoto Jazz Massive Japan
Kyteman new The Hermite Sessions (2009) new Trumpet & Hip Hop The Netherlands
La Funk Mob The Mighty Bop Meet DJ Cam et La Funk Mob (1995)
Casse les Frontieres, Fou les Tętes en l'Air (1994)
Tribulations Extra Sensorielles (1994)
Trip Hop France
Lamb What Sound? (2001)
Fear of Fours (1999)
Lamb (1996)
Trip Hop UK
Laura Vane & The Vipertones new Laura Vane & The Vipertones (2009) new Funk The Netherlands
Leena Conquest new Come Fly Away (1999) R&B USA
Lefties Soul Connection new Skimming The SkumSkimming the Skum (2007)
HutspotHutspot (2006)
Funk Netherlands
Lenny Kravitz Five (1998) Funk & Groove USA
Les Gammas Exercices des Styles (2000) Trip Hop
Les McCann Pump It Up (2002) Funk USA
Lettuce Outta Here (2002) Funk USA
Line of Flight World as Come
The Link Quartet Beat.It (2002)
Episode 1 (2001)
Funk & Organ Italy
Liquid Soul Hip Hop USA
Lonnie Smith Think
Live at Club Mozambique
Lonnie Liston Smith Expansion Acid
Lovely Trees Going Solo
The Lovely Trees
Funk and Hip Hop USA
Love T.K.O. Head Turner
LTJ X-perience When the Rain Begins to Fall (2003)
Moon Beat (1999)
Luke Vibert Throbbing Pouch (1995)
Weirs (1994)
Phat Lab Nightmare (1994)
The Mango Room The Mango Room (2003) R&B, Soul USA
Manu Dibango Wakafrika (1994)
Marc Moulin Top Secret Groove Belgium?
Marden Hill Blown away (1994)
Sixty Minute Man (1994)
Cadaquez (1988)
Mark Austin Cosmic Trigger
Now and Then
The Message is Greater than the Messenger
Mark de Clive-Lowe Six Degrees Drum'n'bass, Latin & Hip Hop New Zealand
Marlon Saunders Enter My Mind (2003) Soul & R&B USA
Massive Attack Protection (1994)
Blue lines
Trip Hop UK
Matt Deighton Wake Up the Moths (2005)
The Common Good (2002)
Villager (2000)
Guitar UK
Maxwell Embrya (1998)
MTV Unplugged (1997)
Urban Hang Suite (1996)
Maysa new Feel The Fire (2007)
Sweet Classic Soul (2006)
Smooth Sailing (2004)
Out Of The Blue (2002)
All My Life (2000)
Maysa (1995)
MC Solaar Paradisque (1997)
Prose Combat (1994)
Qui seme le vie recolte le tempo
Hip Hop France
Medeski Martin & Wood Shack-man (1996)
Friday Afternoon in the Universe (1995)
It's A Jungle In Here (1993)
Notes From The Underground (1991)
Mendoza dance parti This Life (1999)
Speedy Chicken (1995)
Strazz Jazz Compilation (1994)
Funk The Netherlands
Me'Shell Ndegeocello Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape (2002)
Bitter (1999)
Peace Beyond Passion (1996)
Plantation Lullabies (1993)
Mezzoforte Monkey Fields (1996)
Daybreak (1994)
No Limits (1986)
Rising (1985)
Observations (1984)
Miles Davis Doo-bop (1992)
Kind of Blue (1962)
Jazz & Trumpet
Modern Groove Syndicate Ms.Popular (2007) new
Vessel (2004)
Modern Groove Syndicate (2002)
Funk USA
Moe's Kitchen Burning Underwater (1996) Funk
Mo'Fessionals Live at Slims
Mo'fro Dirtfloorcracker Funk USA
Moloko Do You Like My Tight Sweather (1995)
Monday Michiru Delicious Poison Groove Japan
Mondo Grosso Groove Japan
Monkey Mafia
Morcheeba The Antidote (2005)
Charango (2002)
Fragments of Freedom (2000)
Big Calm (1998)
Who Can You Trust (1996)
Trip Hop UK
Mother Earth You Have Been Watching (1995)
The People Tree (1993) *
Stoned Woman (1992)
Guitar UK
Ms Dynamite new Judgement Days (2005)
A Little Deeper (2002)
Mr. Gone Looking at the future in the rear view mirror Groove UK
Multidirection Outta Japan
Night Trains - Miles Away Night Trains - Loaded Night Trains - Checkmate Night Trains - Obstruct the doors
N'Dea Davenport N'Dea Davenport (1998) Funky UK
New Concept
New Cool Collective BIG (1999)
More New Cool Collective (1997)
New Cool Collective (1997)
Funk & Dance The Netherlands
New Jersey Kings Stratosphere Breakdown (1995)
Party to the Busstop (1992)
New Jersey Queens
Night Trains Obstruct Doors Cause Delay and BeObstruct the doors..... (1997) *
LoadedLoaded *
SleazeballSleazeball (1996) *
Hold Out! (1994)
Miles AwayMiles Away (1994)
9 lazy 9 Electric Lazyland
Paradise Blown
Noah Peterson Duos And Trios (2006)
Bump (2006)
The Noah Peterson Quartet Live at Biddy McGraw's (2003)
Jazz USA
Nobukazu Takemura Child's View (1995 or 1996)
O'2L O'2L Funk & Electronica & Piano USA
Ohm Guru Trip Hop Italy
Olive Trickle (2000)
Extra Virgin (1997)
Trip Hop
Omar Sing (if you want it) (2006) new
This is not a love song (1997)
For Pleasure (1994) *
Music (1992)
There's Nothing Like This (1990)
One Step Beyond Canada
OOSoul All Brothers, Different Mothers (2002)
Solid Sounds of the 8 Piece Brotherhood (1999)
Funk USA
Orquesta Rojo Amor AcidArgentina (coming up)
Fresh Jazz Vibes Vol II
Latin Argentina
Outside Hip Hop and Jungle
Oversoul 7 Trip Hop
PALA Pastole Soul USA
Palmskin Productions Trip Hop
Paquito d'Riviera Latin
Peace bureau Inner City Booms (1998)
Acoustic Soulful Bebop Booms
Hip Hop
Pelvic Delta Funk
Pizzicato Five Happy End Of You (1997)
The Sound of Music (1995)
Made In USA (1994)
Planet Groove Livin' on Planet Earth? (Autumn 1997) Groove Slovenia
Players new From the Six Corners (2005)
Clear the Decks (2003)
Funk UK
Plunge Falling With Grace (1996) Groove USA
Polyester Players Permanent Press USA
Portishead Portishead (1997)
Dummy (1994)
Trip Hop UK
P.O.T. P.O.T. (1997) Funk Philippines
President's Breakfast III C (2002)
Bar B Que Dali
Doo Process (1995)
Funk USA
Primal Scream
Prince Controversy (1990) Funk USA
Propellerheads Deckandrumsandrockandroll (1998)
Spybreak! (live)
Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers Latin
RAD Higher Plane (1997) *
Gotta Be (1994)
Radified (1992)
Groove Germany
Rawstylus USA
Ray Baretto Boogaloo
Ray Obiedo Zulaya (1995)
Sticks and Stones (1993)
Iguana (1991)
Perfect Crime (1989)
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother's Milk Funk USA
Red Snapper Red Snapper (2003)
Our Aim Is To Satisfy (2000)
Making Bones (1998)
Prince Blimey (1996)
Reeled And Skinned (1995)
Trip Hop
Repercussions Earth and heaven (1994)
Reprazent Earth and heaven (1994)
Ronny Jordan
& DJ Krush
Light to Dark (1996)
Bad Brothers (1994)
The Quiet Revolution (1993)
The Antidote
Guitar UK
Rony Size Drum 'n' Bass
Room Eleven Mmm... Gumbo? (2008) new
Six White Russians And A Pink Pussycat (2006)
Blues & Funk The Netherlands
The Roots Illadelph Half Life (1996)
From the ground up (1994)
Do You Want More?!!!??! (1994)
Hip Hop & Groove USA
Roots of Future Austria
The Root Source Beyond The Haze (1999) single Funk & Latin UK
Ruby Salt Peter (1995)
Ruth Hammond All The Good Things (2001) Pop & Funk UK
Sade The Best of Sade (1994)
Sandals Cracked
San Francisco 8 Demo CD (1998) Soul USA
Saskia Laroo Jazzkia (1999)
Bodymusic (1998)
Ya know how we do (1995)
It's like Jazz (1994)
Funk & Trumpet The Netherlands
Scott Bradford Rock Slides
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Seven Eleven The Come Out Funk and Hip Hop The Netherlands
SFeQ SFeQ United, volume 2 (1998)
SFeQ United, volume 1 (1997)
SFeQ plays, Nunks Pays (1995)
Rumble (1992)
Low Impact High Energy Totale Body Work Out (1993)
Shaka Ra
Sharon Jones new I Learned the Hard Way (2010) new
100 Days, 100 Nights (2007)
Naturally (2005)
Dap-Dippin’ with… (2001)
Soul USA
Shara Nelson What silence knows
Skunk Funk Groove
Skunk Hour Up To Our Necks In It Australia
Slide Five
Sly & Family Stone Family Affair (1991)
Fresh (1973)
There's A Riot Goin' On (1971)
Stand! (1969)
Dance to the Music (1968)
Funk USA
Smokin Japanese Babe Far Out Son of Lungs (?)
Smokin With Superman Demo CD (1999) Funk USA
Snowboy Pit-bull Latin Jazz (1996)
The Best of Snowboy (1994)
Something's Coming (1993) *
Descarga Mambito (1991)
Ritmo Snowbo (1989)
The Solsonics Jazz in the Present Tense (1994) USA
Son de la goutte Live at tube temples (2000)
Betrayed (1995)
Soul, Latin, Drum n bass Germany
Soon EMC
S.O.U.L What it is
Soul Basement Time is Ours Soul Italy
Soul II Soul Believe (1995)
Vol IV The Classic Singles (1993)
Vol III Just Right (1992)
Vol II A New Decade (1990)
Club Classics Vol 1 (1989)
Groove and Hip Hop
Soulciety Soul of Boogie Back-High Vibes
Soul Coughing El Oso (1998)
Irresistible Bliss (1996)
Ruby Vroom (1994)
Hip Hop USA
The Souldiers new Fuel Your Fire (2010) Funk The Netherlands
Soulive Next (2002)
Doin` Something (2001)
Funk USA
Soulvation Reset Your Brain (single) Funk The Netherlands
Spearhead & Michael Franti new All Rebel Rockers (2009) new
Yell Fire! (2006)
Everyone Deserves Music (2003)
Stay Human (2001)
Chocolate Supa Highway (1997)
Home (1994)
Groove USA
Spiritual Vibes Groove Japan
SprechFunk Funk Germany
Squarepusher Hard Normal Daddy (1997) Drum 'n' Bass
Stanton Moore Flyin' The Koop (2002) Funk USA
Steps Ahead Live In Tokyo (1986) (Laser Disk previously)
Magnetic (1985)
Steps Ahead (1983)
Progressive Fusion USA
Stereo MC's Connected
33 45 78
Hip Hop UK
St. Germain Tourist (2000)
From Detroit To St. Germain (1999)
Boulevard (1995)
Sublime Sublime (1996)
Robbin' the hood (1994)
40 Oz to freedom (1992)
Reggae and Ska USA
Sugarcoat Funk USA
Supreme Beings of Leisure Divine Operating System (2002)
Supreme Beings of Leisure (2000)
Trip Hop USA
Suv Drum 'n' Bass
Swing Machine
Tek 9 It's Not What You Think It Is Hip Hop
10th Level The Leader
Terry Callier Time Peace (1998) USA
That Phat The Groove Jazz (1995) Groove USA
Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game (2005)
The Outernational Sound (2004)
Babylon Rewound (2004)
The Richest Man In Babylon (2002)
The Mirror Conspiracy (2000)
Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi (1997)
ThirdWorldProject Let It Go (single, 2004) Funk & Soul Philippines
Thousand Pieces Matador's Mistake (1997) USA
Tito Puente TP's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars
El rey
Un poco loco
Tower of Power USA
Tribal Groove Party At The Sun (1998?) Groove Canada
A Tribe Called Quest Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996)
Midnight Marauders (1993)
Low End Theory (1991)
People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm (1990)
Hip Hop USA
Tricky Aftermath
Maxinquaye (1994)
Trout Fishing
Ulf Sandberg Quartet Bolivia (track)
United Future Organization Jazzin'
No Sound is too Taboo
Up, Bustle and Out Master Sessions Vol 2
Rebel Radio Master Sessions Vol.1
Light 'em Up, Blow 'em Out
One Colour Just Reflects Another
The Breeze Was Mellow
Reggae UK
Urbanator Urbanator 2
Urban Species Blanket (1998)
Listen (1994)
Hip Hop UK
US3 An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place (2001)
Broadway and 52nd (1997)
Hand on the Torch (1993)
Hip Hop
Vanessa Daou Sunday Afternoons-the Chill Way
Vibraphonic On A Roll UK
Vibrastone Smile-it's not the End of the World
Visionistics Mysterious Ways
Venueconnection Madrid Boogie (2008) new
Strawberry Swan Lake (2005)
Lounge & Guitar Spain
The Waz Funk USA
Waylon new Wicked WaysWicked Ways (2009) new Blues & Funk The Netherlands
William Bottin I Love Me, Vol. I (2003)
Chill Reception (2002)
Funk Italy
Wiseguys The Real Vibes
Wizards of Ooze Almost ... Bikini (1999)
Big red balloon (1998)
Bambee! (1996)
The Dipster (1994)
Gravitude (1994)
Big Mama (1993)
Wouter Hamel new Nobody's Tune (2009) new
Hamel (2007)
Pop The Netherlands
Young Disciples Road to Freedom (1991) Funk USA
Young-Holt Unltd.
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